Espoma Organic Fertilizer Holly-Tone Reviews

Ever wondered why there are called ‘evergreens’? Well its simple there are called evergreens because there are always green all year round. Come fall, spring, winter the leaves will always be green. Evergreens can either be in form of trees or shrubs. There are many different types of evergreens, some of them are these; eucalypts, pines, live oak and red cedar. Many tropical rain forest plants are generally considered to be evergreens.  Evergreens plants do not necessarily need plant food to increase their soil fertility levels. Unlike deciduous plants, evergreens do well in less fertile soil. However, just like any other plants, they need some plant food too at some point in time. They need some nutrients so that they too may grow well. If you want your evergreens to grow well and healthily, then am recommending you use holly tone for evergreens.

What really is Holly tone?

Holly tone is a natural plant food that has all the essential nutrients for a plant to grow. It is complete plant food that is highly nutritious with natural organics. It is an effective plant food for evergreens. There is also holly tone for hydrangeas. Holly tone is also ideal for other acid loving plants like azaleas, strawberries and marigolds.

Why holly tone for evergreens and not any other plant food?

  • Holly tone makes evergreens to produce more bountiful blooms and the flowers are guaranteed to have a healthy beautiful vibrant color.
  • Well if you use holly tone, it will help promotes evergreens to grow larger and the leaves will have a deeper greener color to complement their vibrant colorful flowers
  • It can last for a long time and it has a very great positive impact on evergreens. There is a huge difference between evergreens that use holly tone and those that don’t
  • Espoma hollytone is very affordable, it cost around $8, 29
  • It is effective and perfect for all the different kinds of evergreens and for all the other acid loving plants
  • Holly tone, especially Espoma holly tone is 100% naturally organic. With holly tone for evergreens, you won’t have to worry about your evergreens burning or your soil getting damaged. It is a plus simply because it is not hazardous nor does it have any toxic ingredients. This makes holly tone practically safe for both the evergreens, environment, pets and most importantly people.

When do l apply holly tone on evergreens?

  • You can apply holly tone fertilizer to evergreen plants when there are growing at a slower pace than they normally should do
  • You can apply it if you want to increase their growing process and ensure that your young evergreens grow extremely fast
  • When evergreen plants are not flowering at all or when there not flowering at their full potential
  • When the leaves are abnormally short and the color of the leaves is not a healthy green
  • In instances whereby your evergreens have been attacked or damaged by pests and diseases, it plays a vital role in nursing and reviving the plants back to their prior healthy state
  • You can put hollytone on evergreens if you are growing them in the most unsuitable soils. Soils that are not conducive for plants growth, for example heavy clay and sandy soil. Holly tone has the capability to revitalize the soil.

How to apply holly tone on evergreens

If you want your evergreen plants to grow effectively and to produce healthy flowers or fruits. It is essential that you apply holly tone at the very beginning when you are planting them and also when the plants are well established. The right time to feed evergreens is in spring and fall. It should be applied at least twice per year The best time to apply holly tone is the spring season when the evergreens are starting to show their first sign of blooming color. Different evergreens require different amounts and methods of applications. For effective results you have to follow the suggested amounts and methods of application.

Step by step guide on how to apply holly tone

This is basic method of applying holly-tone before the evergreen plant is established. First thing, you have to dig a hole that is bigger than the roots of the plant. Digging a bigger hole will help create space for the roots to grow and spread. After digging a hole you have to remove at least ½ of the soil and then replace that soil with compost and humus. When you have done so, now you have to put 1 cup of hollytone and mix it with the blended soil. After that, you can now place the plant and fill up the hole with soil that has been mixed with compost and humus. The next step involves firmly packing the soil, watering and letting the soil and plant soak up the water. When the water is all soaked up, you have to continue filling the hole with the soil mixture .You have to leave only about 2-inches of the soil loose. This will enable the water to easily absorb. For best results you can put mulch around the plants. Mulch helps to slow down evaporation and it saves up the water in the soil especially during hot summers. You have to water thoroughly until there are well established.

  • For trees you have to use at least 3 cups of holly tones. You have to dig up 3 large holes around the drip line and then equally divide the holly tone and put it into the holes. After that you can fill up the holes with soil and thoroughly water it
  • For shrubs you can put 1 cup per foot of branch spread. With shrubs you can easily sprinkle holly tone around the drip line and water it so that the plants can absorb it. If the branch is 3 feet or larger you can double the quantity.
  • For potted plants you can mix 2 cups of holly-tone per cubic foot of the soil. When repotting the plants you can mix the holly tone with fresh soil.


  • When applying holly tone in a place that is mulched. it better to remove the mulch, put the plant food and then return the mulch back into its place. Applying on top of the mulch would require you to double the quantities if you want it to be effective.
  • Holly tone lowes is the best site to get your all natural holly tone plant food.


Hollytone is a great plant food for evergreen, it is rich with natural organics that are good for the plants from its formative stage up till it is well established. Holly tone for evergreens will help you grow healthy plants with colorful flowers and in addition will also increase the yields. Not only is it perfect for evergreens, it is perfect and works well on other acid loving plants.

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