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Lets Do Garden…….

Gardening is learning, learning & learning. Well tended garden is better than a neglected wood lot.
So, Garden as though you will live forever.

How to Keep Birds from Eating Grass Seed

I believe you agree with me that birds are beautiful creatures. The melodious songs they sing are to die for! But if you have newly planted grass seed, birds can be a pain in the neck. Birds, be it sparrows, finches, blackbirds, and starlings, love grass seed and are an obstacle to growing grass seed. […]

Plants That Keep Roaches Away Naturally

Imagine having your night’s rest cut short by a gruesome thirst or hunger, and you just have to fetch something from your fridge. On switching the kitchen’s lights on, you discover an army of roaches fleeing for cover in every direction. The very thought of having to share your kitchen with this filthy crawlies is […]

Secrets Guide on Planting Hibiscus Flowers-Everything You Need To Know

A hibiscus is a very versatile colorful flower that beautifies your garden, serves as food and can also be used as medicine. Flower-hibiscus are easy to grow and care for. Because of its versatility you can grow and care for either inside your home, backyard or even balcony. There are about 200 different types of […]

All Those Different Types Of Bell Shaped Flowers

Bell-shaped flowers will make a great addition to your flower garden. Bell-shaped flowers stand out as the best because of their bell shapes, sizes, and beautiful colors. The reason why they are called bell-shaped flowers is that they have a tube and flared petal tips that have a way like a bell. Bell’s shaped flower […]

What Is A “Harvest Moon”? Regarding Agricultural Astrology

A harvest moon is simply known as a full moon. At most the full moon happens at least 2 times a year that is around late March and late September. There are called the spring equinox and the autumn equinox respectively. The harvest full moon is the first full moon that appears right around Autumn […]