A List of Best Cherry Tree Types -Here Are Common Cherry Tree Varieties for Your Garden

There is a number of cherry tree varieties in the world. Humans has named and separated those types of cherry trees according to their particular traits. Some of those names where abstracted from certain cultures & cherry tree species. For instance, if a tree is originated from Japan, the majority will also use that name even though they do not know the meaning. Those names where unchanged since they were given long back by our ancestors.

Some Common Cherry Tree Varieties

Cherry tree types are differ from sizes. Actually, they vary in almost every feature. Some grow taller whilst others are dwarfs. On the other hand, some are edible whilist others are not. Even though, cherry trees are such beautiful trees to have in your yard or garden. They have blossoms that are so attractive that can change the entire look of your surroundings. There are decorative trees ever. In this cherry tree informational post, I had collected a list of more popular cherry trees that are found in gardens. They can also be purchased online as seeds or seedlings.

Weeping Cherry Tree

Some trees are beautiful out there. Unfortunately, there are not suitable to be planted in the yard because they are too big. With Weeping Cherry tree, you have got beauty and space saver tree. Japanese weeping cherry tree size estimated to grow between 10 and 12 feet. In spring, beautiful flowers cover the branches of this tree. In addition, if you look at it from afar, you will admit that it’s a frozen fountain. It’s pink blooms can form a new look to the landscape of your garden. Just like every plant that had a selective soil to grow better, this cherry tree produce good results if it’s grown in a well draining soil. Furthermore, it prefers full sunlight. When its fruits are matured, they are in black colour. You may be tempted to eat them, but they are not edible.

Kwanzan Cherry tree

This is one of cherry tree species that stands out to the eye. It has attractive blooms, which are pink. Those blooms are also large and doubled. Unlike any other flowering cherry trees, the blooming period of Kwanzan cherry is very long. While those flowers were be still blooming, the leaves will be starting to grow. Furthermore, for the best results to the flowering process, it  prefers full sunlight exposure. The Kwanzan cherry tree is also a fastest growing tree compared to other cherry trees. It grows better in a soil that drains well.

Early Richmond Cherry tree

This type of cherry tree produces bright red fruits which are so sour. Its fruiting begins early compared to sweet cherries. Again it has short productivity. Those fruits are used to make pies. If you are a avid baker, you rather grow this cherry tree and enjoy your baking. This type of cherry tree is a self pollinater which means that it can bear without a pollinator. It has hard leaves which are pale green beneath and dark green on top. Early Richmond can withstand drought and too much rain. It also needs regularly pruning.

Montmorency Cherry tree

This is a popular sour cherry tree. It produces fruits that are used to make pies and preserves. When its fruits are rippen, the first thing to notice in a tree are birds. The fruits mature into medium to large size and they are bright red in colour. This tree is also a self pollinating tree that bears a lot of fruits. As compared to sweet cherries, montmorency blooms late. This type of cherry tree can be found in standard and dwarf sizes.

 Sargent Cherry tree

This is a beautiful tree that also grows faster. It’s different is that it is easily recognised by its single petal. The maturity estimate of its height is from 40 – 50′.  It prefers to grow in the full sun and also grows in rich, moist, sandy, loam, acidic, clay and well drained soils. The sargent cherry is capable to endure difficult conditions such as drought. Once it is planted, it doesn’t requires frequently maintenance. As compared to other cherry trees, Sargent is not easily affected by diseases. It is also a tree that is mostly loved by birds.

Bing Cherry Tree

Among all cherry trees, Bing is the most popular one. It is so large with spreading canopy. Its leaves are smooth and dark green. Each flower has its smell. Some smell bad whilist others smell pleasant. The fragant from white blossoms of Bing cherry is so unique. It has pleasant smell ever.

Bing cherry produces heart shaped fruits which are so amaizing. However, they are easily get craked, so it is pivotal to pick them as soon as they ripen. This will be also a way of avoiding diseases and pests to attack your fruits. This sweet cherry produces better results when it is grown in a cooler place. It also doesn’t need a lot of maintainance as it doesn’t require frequently prunning.

Okame Cherry Tree

Okame tree produces the best results when it’s grown in the full sun and in fertile soil. Okame cherry tree in winter looks beautiful as that blooms in late winter and it is usually the first tree to bloom. Compared to other types of cherry trees, Okame is the smallest tree compared to other cherry tree types. It has sweet smell flowers attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

Rainier Cherry Tree

This one is also the most popular cherry trees that produces big and juicy fruits. which are yellow. Those fruits are more than delicious. When this tree is mature, it reaches 10 -15 feet. It is an easy to grow tree and it can be grown in any type of soil as long it drains well. It also grows well in the full sun. This tree is not self fertile. So it needs cross pollinating for better results in fruiting.

Autumn Flowering Cherry tree

Autumn flowering cherry tree blooms anytime, even in warm spells of winter season. It is a drought tolerate tree that saves water. Furthermore, it also saves time and money for maintenance. Autumn flowering cherry has black fruits that usually attracts birds. Furthermore, it is used to line along sidewalks and driveway.

 Afterglow Cherry tree

Whether there it’s summer or winter, Afterglow cherry tree fits any weather conditions. It’s blossoms are dark pink and they does not fade. In late March to mid April, it’s blossoms become abundant. Then the flower buds starts to develop in summer time. The leaves of this tree turns yellow in fall. It is one of the most attractive trees.

 Akebono Cherry tree

Akebono cherry tree is one of the trees that can overcome heat in summer. It provides with shade by its crown and canopy. It is a popular American flowering cherry that is known for producing plenty of flowers in early spring. When those flowers are opening fully, they slowly fade to white. Hot places are preferably to grow this type of cherry tree. It requires full sun and a good draining soil. However it doesn’t tolerate drought. Furthermore, Akebono tree is more than a shelter. It provides shelter for the birds, each and every season.

Benefits of cherry trees

There are many benefits of cherry trees. Some of those trees provides with shade in summer. Imagine yourself sitting under a shade of a cherry blossom tree in hottest summer. It is more than comfortability. The other great advantage of cherry trees is that other trees produce fruits which are edible. Not only for pleasure, but those fruits can be used in making jam or pie.

 Furthermore, cherry trees also act as wind screen to block harsh winds that can destroy your plants. The one of the most thing that makes cherry trees more pivotal is their appearance. As ornamental cherry tree, blossoms are so decorative. Those blossoms cherry can give your landscape a nice design. Other advantage of cherry trees is that, they are not big in such that you cannot grow them in your yard. In addition, they don’t need to be maintained frequently and they are rarely pruned.


After discovering the different types of cherry trees, you can also identify types of wild cherry trees too. Most of those cherry trees are originated from Japan. They are cultivated in gardens and parks. Over the centuries up until now, cherry trees are still amazing trees in the world. They easy to grow and they grow faster. Lastly, they can be easily identified by their number of petals, leaves, colour of the blossoms, and time of blooming. The important note when deciding to plant those trees is to consider type of soil and preferably location. Finally, you get answer “what kind of cherry tree do I have” of your lovely garden.

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